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At the Heart of All Good Communication is a Story. Do you Agree?

I am a professional storyteller.

This may sound strange at first because we tend to think of  “storytellers” as those who tell fictional stories. But if you think about it, every communication is about a story. Whether you’re writing or creating a video or podcast for employees, customers, friends, family or any audience that you are seeking to reach and influence.

In fact we survive everyday by the stories we tell ourselves because it is through our stories that we organize, shape and ultimately understand our reality.

I have over 20 years experience as a professional writer and messaging strategist who has created content and experiences for a wide range of audiences. I write for any medium, produce video, television and audio programs, and develop and manage large and small scale events, campaigns, and learning sessions.

I am passionate about asking questions that others may be afraid to ask and getting to the heart and soul of an issue or a communication challenge.

If you have something you want to say or information that you want to convey to a certain audience, let’s set up some time to brainstorm and identify the story that you really want to tell and the best medium to convey it. 

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