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The Secret Flight of Madame Lancard

Madame Lancard

Two Women,
Two Centuries,
Two Countries…

We all dream, and most of us, at some time in our lives yearn to be free of the conventions and the rules that often crush our dreams.

The Secret Flight is about two women, living in different centuries and countries, each battling with the restrictions of their time and place in history.

Living in the 1930s, Jessica Summers is determined to be taken seriously as a journalist who is compelled to shed light on the critical issues of the day, especially workers’ safety and bargaining rights. But she meets with roadblocks even from people who should be open and fair minded. In an effort to crack the inner circle of political power, she inevitably finds out just what she is made of.

Genevieve Lancard, living in Lyon France in 1899 has a dream of taking to the skies and traveling the world as her husband does, but is challenged by his abuse, as well as the criticisms from the provincial friends and neighbors who seek to contain her boundless spirit and dreams.

Pressing up against the walls of oppression, the two women learn that freedom often comes at a very high price.


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