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<p><a href=”″>French Alliance Ball May 16-2015</a> from <a href=”″>MaryLynn Schiavi</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Budd Van Lines – providing an exceptional moving experience from MaryLynn Schiavi on Vimeo.


Celebrating the Role of the CFO – Produced for CFO Studio

322786 22980 2230 from MaryLynn Schiavi on Vimeo.


WHILE ALIVE HE LIVED – Memories of Malcolm Forbes told through the Memories of his son Steve Forbes. – Produced for New Jersey Network.


Malcolm Forbes Bio for NJN – short version from MaryLynn Schiavi on Vimeo.

Matter and Beyond Host MaryLynn Schiavi

EMMY AWARD WINNING MATTER & BEYOND – Served as writer, associate producer, host and narrator of this television series produced by

artificial intelligence - Matter and Beyond art

In Our Image and Likeness: creating machines that mirror ourselves

When does a mere machine become a morally responsible entity? What are the problems that could arise from intelligent machines with super human capabilities? For decades science fiction writers have been intrigued with the idea of creating intelligent machines with physical and mental capabilities far superior to those of human beings. Some leading thinkers predict that human-like robots with intelligence that will be indistinguishable from human beings will be a reality by 2030 to 2040. But how will this impact opportunities and the quality of life for human beings? How will it impact our culture?

As Above, So Below: Man’s Quest to Seek Answers in the Heavens.

astronomy - Matter and Beyond photo

Since the beginning of human history, we have looked up toward the sky with wonder and curiosity seeking not only answers to questions about the universe but also clues about how we fit into the grand picture. In this program, leading thinkers explore the science of astronomy and our relentless fascination with the heavens and what we have learned along the way about the planets, the stars, and ourselves


Smoking: The Emotions Behind the Addiction
Watch video.

We know that smoking is a physical addiction. But what about the emotions behind it? This is the first in a series of interviews that explore the psychological and emotional aspects of this insidious habit\addiction. If you would like to be interviewed and appear in this series, please email me at:

Music written and performed by Don Slepian.


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